MCI approved degree mandatory for admission to superspeciality courses

In an important judgement, the Bombay High Court on Monday held that only the students who have MD or MS degree from a college recognized by Medical Council Of India (MCI) can be admitted to post-graduate ‘Doctor of Medicine (super-speciality) courses.

Bhavin Pujara, a doctor, had filed a petition in the High Court challenging merit list of candidates selected for super-speciality course in 2008. He contended that many candidates in the list did not have MD or MS degree from MCI-recognized colleges.

Directorate of Medical Education and Research relaxed the rule in 2008 by allowing candidates from non-recognized colleges, he said.

A Division Bench, led by Justice D K Deshmukh, held that in future, candidates for the super-speciality course must have degree from a college recognized by MCI, said petitioner’s lawyer Mukesh Vashi.

Dr Mukund Bajaj is fortunate but he is perhaps the last candidate to get admission to a super-speciality course without having a post-graduate degree recognised by the Medical Council of India (MCI). Bajaj retained his seat at Grant Medical College because the Bombay High Court did not feel it fit to take away his seat after he had completed a year in the course. Also, the MCI had said that the seat could not be given to any other candidate after the admissions were completed.


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